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February 13, 2008
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Scarab -SPECS- by TDBK Scarab -SPECS- by TDBK
: UPDATE 2 :

Here is another set of specs provided by : :iconjimts: ~JimTS

Alright, here's my best attempt. The columns are gonna look kinda screwy, but it should be possible to figure out.

DBK-001ab Scarab

Chassis: Unknown
Power Plant: Unknown 400 XL (Clan)
Cruising Speed: 43
Maximum Speed: 64.5
Jump Jets: Unknown
Jump Capacity: 120 meters
Armor: Unknown with CASE
2 LRM 15s
1 Streak SRM 4
2 ER Large Lasers
1 Streak SRM 6
Manufacturer: Unknown
Primary Factory: Unknown
Communications System: Unknown
Targeting and Tracking System: Unknown

DBK-001ab Scarab

Technology Base: - Mixed (IS Chassis) - Level 2
Equipment Mass
Internal Structure: - (C) EndoSteel 5
Engine: 400 XL (Clan) 26.5
Walking MP: 4
Running MP: 6
Jumping MP: 4
Heat Sinks: 18(36) - (C) Double 8
Gyro: 4
Cockpit: 3
Armor Factor: 307 - (C) Ferro-Fibrous 16

Internal Armor
Structure Value
Head 3 9
Center Torso 31 47
Center Torso(rear) 15
R/L Torso 21 32
R/L Torso(rear) 10
R/L Arm 17 34
R/L Leg 21 42

Weapons and Ammo Location Critical Tonnage
(C) ER Large Laser LA 1 4
(C) AMS Ammo LT 1 1
(C) LRM 15 LT 2 3.5
(C) LRM 15 Ammo LT 2 2
(C) Streak SRM 4 LT 1 2
(C) Streak SRM 4 Ammo LT 1 1
CASE LT 1 0.5
Jump Jet LT 1 2
(C) LRM 15 RT 2 3.5
(C) LRM 15 Ammo RT 2 2
(C) Streak SRM 6 RT 2 3
(C) Streak SRM 6 Ammo RT 2 2
CASE RT 1 0.5
Jump Jet RT 1 2
(C) ER Large Laser RA 1 4
Jump Jet CT 2 2
(C) AMS H 1 0.5

I was trying to go for the same basic 'mech, but scale it back to level 2 and give it some of the traits I like in a 'mech (high mobility, good heat management, a few good weapons). I think I did pretty well on two of those. The ER Medium Pulse Lasers got dropped for ER Large Lasers, (a) because ER Pulse is level 3 only, and (b) because large lasers are so much more ballsy. With a lucky shot, you can decapitate any 'mech on the battlefield with one blast from these. It'd take three medium lasers to do that, which drops the odds of a deathblow by a lot. Also, the large laser is effective out to a longer range. However, the added cost is in the heat. The 'mech will operate just fine on a no-net-heat principle if you never, ever fire the large lasers. But they're still there if you're in a tight spot and the added heat is worth the payoff, or you're not firing missiles and just want to laser-snipe, or you're standing in water (I always try to put heat sinks in the legs because they sink double in shallow water that way). As for the missiles, I doubled up on the LRM-15 ammo and upgraded the SRMs to Stream SRMs. The one in the right torso is a Streak SRM-6 now, because I had some weight to play with and decided to spend it on short-range punch. The 'mech also has maximum armor for its weight in a fairly standard distribution (the default from The Drawing Board, which has yet to steer me wrong).

I believe I've increased its killing power by a lot.


:UPDATE: I'm really not liking the soft shadow. I posted the regular render instead. Unfortunately, the way I had to do this the shadows.. they have too much opacity. I cannot change it bacuse the background had to be lightened in order for the comp to work. Anybody know if there is some good stock around for a large scale mech? Another wards, the camera angle has to show more of the sky and it has to have a distant background to match the scale. If not then no big deal..

:end update:

Alright. I re-rendered this with the shadows in the correct position to match the background. I also opened the doors on the model so people can see a little more of it. Background image provided by : :icontuku-stock:

Now, LeopoldGarrity :iconleopoldgarrity: Made some nice specs and background story for this mech. That is the main reason I did nother render so I can show off the specs that he made. If you play Battletech RPG you can use this mech in it. Here we go-->

DBK-001aa Scarab

Chassis: Star League MN-01
Power Plant: Kagushima 340 XL (Clan)
Cruising Speed: 43
Maximum Speed: 64.5
Jump Jets: Luxor Load Lifters
Jump Capacity: 60 meters
Armor: Durallex with CASE
2 SpyView Lockmaster 1 Narc Missile Beacons
2 NovaCat Rebuild LRM 15s
2 NovaCat Rebuild SRM 4s
1 Clantech AMS
2 Clantech ER Medium Pulse Lasers
Manufacturer: Star League Weapons Research
Primary Factory: Luthien
Communications System: Datacom with Guardian ECM Suite
Targeting and Tracking System: Alexis Photon Targeting Acquisition System

Tons: 84.81 Free Tons. .19
Max Heat: 32,000
Heat Vent:34,000
Critical Slots Free: 4
Battle Value: 2,099
Frame: Biped
Armor: Standard Plating

22,402,329 C$bills.
Max damage at range 1 to 9 hexes is 60 using the following
(C) SRM 4 (x2)
(C) ER Medium Pulse Laser (x2)
(C) SRM 4
Max damage at range 10 to 14 hexes is 44 using the following
(C) ER Medium Pulse Laser (x2)
(C) LRM 15 (x2)
Max damage at range 15 to 21 hexes is 30 using the following
(C) LRM 15 (x2)

Possible prototype, no other known models at this time. Spare
parts found along with damaged unit, used in repair.

Battle History:
Unknown battle record.

Known Variants:
Single Build: Found in Star chamber of former SL outpost on the

DBK-001aa Scarab

Technology Base: - Mixed (Clan Chassis) - Level 3
Equipment Mass
Internal Structure: 8.5
Engine: 340 XL (Clan) 13.5
Walking MP: 4
Running MP: 6
Jumping MP: 2
Heat Sinks: 17(34) - (C) Double 7
Gyro: 4
Cockpit: - Torso-Mounted 4
Armor Factor: 229 14.31

Internal Armor
Structure Value
Head 3 9
Center Torso 27 40
Center Torso(rear) 12
R/L Torso 18 22
R/L Torso(rear) 12
R/L Arm 14 16
R/L Leg 18 34

Weapons and Ammo Location Critical Tonnage
(C) ER Medium Pulse Laser LA 2 2
(C) LRM 15 LT 2 3.5
(C) LRM 15 Ammo LT 2 2
(C) Narc Missile Beacon LT 1 2
(C) Narc Missile Beacon Ammo LT 1 1
(C) SRM 4 LT 1 1
(C) SRM 4 Ammo LT 2 2
(C) A-Pod LL 1 0.5
Jump Jet LL 1 1
(C) A-Pod RL 1 0.5
Jump Jet RL 1 1
(C) LRM 15 RT 2 3.5
(C) LRM 15 Ammo RT 2 2
(C) Narc Missile Beacon RT 1 2
(C) Narc Missile Beacon Ammo RT 1 1
(C) SRM 4 RT 1 1
(C) SRM 4 Ammo RT 2 2
(C) ER Medium Pulse Laser RA 2 2
(C) AMS H 1 0.5
(C) AMS Ammo H 2 2
(C) ECM Suite H 1 1

Scarab Battlemech: Repair notes and general history.

In the early years before Kerensky left, technology was more equal if still new. This battlemech,dubbed the Scarab due to its pincer like claws is a possible holdover from that time. Tall, massing in at more tons then a Mad Cat and bearing a decent missile capacity it was a mech that could have done well. For unknown reasons its design was built and then discarded into a long forgotten Cache, rusting unused and hidden in the outer rim area. Mining operations in the location uncovered it, after the initial surprise was over the owner of the site wished it to be brought to combat ready status if possible.

Resembling a massive Catapult Battlemech it's original design enclosed multiple small lasers that were removed when it was rebuilt in favor of sensor capacity, ECM and a more advanced engine. Nearly all of its electronics were updated as much as possible and the Battlecomputer was removed and programmed to be more in tune with the modern weaponry mounted in it.

Brought to JMY Inc by a private citizen for repair and if possible refit, the plan was laid out. Fragmented blueprints of the rust and age caked hulk were examined, Battlemech's of the time were examined to fill in the blanks and overall the finalized form was a fitting homage to the fast hard days of the 2300's on through the late 2900's when life was new and war was brewing hotly.

The mech was little more then framework, cockpit and rusting armor, over the course of several months, its original body was rebuilt, standard armor plating sealing up holes and rents; slowly the large somewhat archaic looking mech took shape.

Its primary weapons were twin LRM20s, powerful, but due to the age damage done to them, little use. Stripped out all but the bare casings; a mixed pack was installed into the mechs frame. Its main long range punch is a set of LRM 15 racks, loaded with several tons of ammo each. For close range twin SRM 4 racks lay in the same housing for anti vehicle anti armor work. To improve the rack's accuracy a NARC launcher has been included as well, the machines tube count numbering twenty in each bay but with this configuration it is allowed a bit more selective fire.

The myomer and heat sink system was replaced wholesale,updating the mech's movement array to the latest available, giving it a smooth, fast gait for its tonnage and a pantherlike agility. A combined AMS/ECM pod sits over the cockpit, buried where the neck stump would be if the mech was a normal configuration. Its only other means of armament are twin ER Medium class Pulse lasers, trading damage for rate of fire, they are typically used in conjunction with the SRM's to ensure a target is leveled.

Protecting this large assault mech is some fourteen tons of Durallex plating, most of it in the body and lower legs. The arms bearing a thin layer that though can be dangerous, helps with the lasers venting capacity.

The mech itself was very clan like in technology before the rebuild, just age and bad protection rendered most of it useless. Now, the machine has been given the latest or near latest advanced hardware to be gotten. Though expensive, the mech is a capable long range killer and armored enough to take a pounding at close range when its less destructive weapons are brought to bear. Overall, the machine is a decent balance between the so called 'grinder' mech's made popular in the Arenas and a stealthy long range assassin.

Due to extensive heat sink reworking, the mech runs very cool under fire, able to lash out again and again with its LRM racks at range to pound targets down. The Narc attachment is a boon to allied combatants to help make certain critical volleys reach their targets. Up close, underestimating the damage potential of the pulse lasers could quickly turn fatal to unwary opponents especially when backed up with a SRM spread to the opponents cockpit at close range.

It's most useful advantage however, may be the jump jets built into the general assembly, giving the large machine more reach and the ability to chase down or get away from, targets quickly. A feature seen in but a few mechs of this tonnage, carefully used this function can lend a new aspect to combat.

Lengthy study turned up little information on it, at least in any Spheroid computer files and clan, being clan were typically closed mouthed about such things. It may be one of the many dead end prototypes, highly advanced for its time but too expensive to mass produce or it may have been a unknown pilots personalized machine as much of its original components did resemble the typical clan technology of the era. What is known however is that the current rebuild, though spare on ammunition, is a potential dangerous new opponent on the battlefield.


Now I know I've been re-rendering this mech a lot. This is it. I'm off to do some UV textures for another 3d modeler. More info on that to come. I am also making a journal background for another artist here on DA. Then, I have two mechs that I started a month ago that I'll finish. Then I am going to try and finish my small demo reel because I NEED A STEADY JOB! I'm tired of freelance. ;P

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This looks like the body of an Owens with Catapult missile racks and some extra arms added on.
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A technical point on realism: the mech is standing on unpaved ground. The weight would cause the feet to sink into the soil a bit and pile up slightly around the edges of the foot plates. Actual depth depends on the soil properties. There are also no footprints.

I like your work. Definitely adding you to my watch list.
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